Thursday, July 27, 2006

I stole this.

This is the second of what I'm sure will be many entriese about how my job sucks. It pretty accurately describes my day today.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today has been so worthless.

I did nothing of substance tody at work. My brain has been in neutral all, and I also did quite a bit of bitch work.

But it's ok. Matty Wein stopped by randomly and we had lunch. That took my mind off the boredom, at least temporarily.

So I was doing my hours for today, and I was having a really hard time accounting for all of them. Then I realize thats because I spend so much time on facebook and reading the Times. Oh yeah, and I also wrote this.

The best night of a while.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Though I received some news to damper the evening--specifically about some bitch roomate whos frontin'--all in all, my night was quite quality.

Andy Chase came down (or up, depending) and hung out with me for a couple hours. We hung out, I showed him Ridgefield (he had never been to Connecticut before) and then we shot the shit for quite some time. Seeing friends from school is always something I really enjoy, because I get to see them outside of the confines of our natural environment--a particularly rediculous freshman dorm. So we hung out, caught up and what not, then unfortunately he had to depart, to continue the trek back home from his lake house in upstate New York.

This however did not put an end to my evening. Shortly thereafter I went out to my friends house, where what I understood to be a small get together quickly turned into a party. It was great, seeing all the people that I had not seen in quite some time, catching up, and most importantly, drinking. Its an interesting experience being out of the loop for so long (such as myself) and then jumping back into the party. After the initial hellos and whatnot, its like you never left. Honestly, everyone looked genuinely so happy to see me that I was truly touched.

Well enough of this brief foray into my emotions and onto bigger and better things. More to come.

An Aside: I was pretty drunk when I wrote this.

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Super Sweet 16!

Oh how I love MTV's My Super Sweet 16. Say what you will about it, but I personally believe that this is a great piece of social commentary on our country. As the rich get richer, the poor stay where they are.

Each season of My Super Sweet 16 gets more extravagant, and the girls more bitchy. Is this because they want to top last seasons bunch of spoiled brats, or are they generally just girls that you really want to go up and smack in the face? Sometimes I think the former, because if I was the dad of one of these kids, i would clamp down hard on the mother fucker. And you notice how they always have the overprotective older brother (well, not always, only Italian families) who tries to be the biggest dousche bag possible. No, you can't dance with him, because he might impregnate you that way then I'ma have to crack him in the jaw. Oh what a delightful show.

What a perfect segue into my next point. The car. Every spoiled bitch on the show needs to get a car at her party, or--and I'm quoting directly from the show--"It will ruin my party". This segment is my favorite, because it shows that not only are these girls incredably spoiled, but they lack any sense of class whatsoever. (I'm personally a big fan of any word that is combined of three or more words, heretofor, insofar, but alas, I digress.) Every biggity bitch on the show wants--and gets--a brand new BMW, usually a 3 series but sometimes taking a foray into the X5. If your family actually made enough money to support your outlandish party, then you would know that a 3 series beamer is kind of a starter car, something people who can't afford a proper mortgage payment buy then think they're such hot shit that they're king of the road. You're not, but well get into you later.

Rich girl who can have any car she wants: Don't get a BMW. If you're that rich, get a Mercedes SL55 AMG, or an Audi S4, or I don't know...a livery driver. Have your dad get you a Maybach and then be like bitch, I'm not driving this a day in my life. Gonzales, get in the car and take me to get a boob-job. That will show all those other spoiled rich girls.

Talking about spoiled rich girls--and you can tell I get really into this by the length of this entry--I love when they don't get what they want and freak the fuck out. Keep in mind that the following situation was real, and in an episode. A girl, I can't remember her name, wanted a Circ de Soleil theme, and have people swinging from the roof. This was in a hotel banquet hall. The hotel manager, who was taking them around stated that they couldn't have people hanging from the ceiling, because it couldn't support it, and there was the possibility that if they did that, then the entire ceiling would come down. This girl started balling, ran away, and says to the camera "I don't know why the hotel won't just let me have people in trapeses at my party". Are you fucking serious? Because the roof would cave in.

Or my other personal favorite, this girl's mom tells her that she can't stay out at her friend's house in the valley, but she goes anyway. Mom retaliates by canceling the girl's credit card--the one that her parents pay for. Girl freaks out and calls Dad saying that she has no way to continue shopping and that she's defenseless and pennyless. Hmmm, you essentially run away, and all that happens is that your mom cancels your credit card. That you don't even pay for. Shut the fuck up, and try working at minimum wage for like 15 minutes before you freak out and commit suicide.

This show is just so fun to look at and laugh.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ripped from the headlines

Today, the Ridgefield Fire Department got their first chance to use their brand new Ladder Truck. Originally purchased in the 1980's, the truck has laid dormant, waiting for the four-alarm fire, or stranded child in room that it was intended for.

The fiasco today in front of town hall was none of those, as a cat was stuck in a tree. Main Street had to be shut down for upwards of two hours during the evening rush hour commute, as the Firefighters first had to figure out how to use to ladder system on the truck, then get up the guts to actually go up and retrieve the car.

Of the seven man crew, six played 21st finger to see who had to make the trek up the ladder. The seventh disqualified himself on the grounds of a heart condition.

Fire commisioner Gordon exclaimed the dauting 31-foot cat rescue "a stunning success" and hoped "it wouldn't be another 25 years until this piece of equiptment was able to be used again."

Mischa Lewis, the cat's owner, was mortified that her cat, Skippy, was stuck up there so long. "I was just taking Skippy for a stroll down Main Street, when she darted away and scaled the tree," she exclamed. When asked what she was doing walking her cat, Ms. Lewis quickly fled the scene. The tree's spokesman declined to comment on the matter.

When asked if the Fire Department should have just waited until after rush hour to retrieve the cat, Mark Waltham, a 37 year old South Salem, NY resident believed that they should have just shot the cat, and let traffic continue. Many others agreed.

This marks the sixth time that Skippy has been stuck in a tree, according to Ms. Lewis. The first four, an ordinary ladder was able to be used to retrieve her, and on the fifth encounter, a local neighbor simply shook the tree branch until Skippy fell out. "Maybe she just doesn't like being close to me," Ms. Lewis exclaimed about Skippy's frequent climbing attempts. We can't blame the cat.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hey you European car

I really enjoy how the big 3 American car companies are buying up European brands like its their job. Maybe its because we Americans have lost faith in our big car companies, so they have to add reliable, classy European brands to garner some credability. There has been a trend for American commercials to emphasize their European brands.

For example, all the American brands in the Daimler-Chrysler family have been showing off their new and improved features due to German Engineering. Ford has a commercial out now about how safe their cars are because of Volvo, the safest car in the world. And GM, oh GM, you would love to point out that you hold several European brands too, but you've turned them into piece of shit American cars already, haven't you.

Don't you find it a little odd that you don't see a Volvo commercial emphasizing their new roll-over reduced Bridgestone tires thanks to their 'parnership' (read:ownership) with Ford? Or how great Mercedes new generation of automobiles are now that they can draw from the Town & Country minivan?

I guess the point is, hey big 3, stop leeching on your European subsidaries, maybe if you started building good cars, you wouldn't need to.

[End of Rant]

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Teen Cell Phone Ring

I recently discovered a new cell phone ring that is being used by teens--mostly in England--that cannot be heard by most adults. It is mainly being used to text other students in class, when one isn't supposed to be using the cell phone. Apparently it does work, but some adults can hear it. Can you? Click here to find out.

Off to bed. Just got back from Florida and I'm exhausted and hate working. The good news is that this week is only 3 days. Is it Friday yet?