Monday, September 25, 2006

The Dead Bird Post

See, I told you.

Anyways, today I was having lunch outside Cosi (in truth, I had bought a Potbelly's sandwich and ate it outside sue me Potbelly's outside is under construction) when the weirdest thing happened to me. A bird fell right out of the sky about two feet in front of me and hit the ground with a dull thwack. The bird appeared to try to lift its wing, but then it just died.

It was very depressing.

The oddest part was that nobody noticed. There were people sitting around me, and I think that though they may have heard the bird hit the ground, they either didn't realize what it was or didn't care. Nobody on the sidewalk noticed either, and just naturally walked around it.

There was one guy that noticed it. He was on a cell phone and glanced down at the bird--probably by happenstance, and quickly did a double take. Is this something people see so often that they become desensitized to it? Oh look, there's another dead bird on the street. Ok. That's all I'm writing on this.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Marcy's Playground

Just something I thought of while looking at other people's music:

Why is Sex and Candy the only song by Marcy's Playground that anyone has?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Package Services, you are what the French call Les Incompetens.

So I stole the title of this post from a GW Facebook group. And most likely spelled Incompetens wrong. What of it?

Oh Package Services, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to suck.

This well-oiled machine might be the biggest example of bureaucratic rediculousness ever.
Example 1: The new system they have in place. At the end of last year, Package Services said that they would be instituting a new system to expedite the line and getting your shit. The only thing they now do differently is: where there used to be chairs around the outer wall is where the line now snakes around. THATS THE ONLY THING THEY DO DIFFERENTLY.

Example 2: The 3 hour delay with email notification. So when Package services sends you an email that your package has arrived, you are supposed to wait 3 hours for processing and for it to actually show up. Why? When the package gets here, does it go somewhere besides package services? Okay, well maybe they just have to sort through it for 3 hours to put it in the right place. Here's a novel idea. Wait 3 hours before sending out the email. Put a delay on it if its automatic or something, cause that's just ridiculous. What a tease. Yeah, your package is here, but you can't have it yet.

You fucks, Package Services.

Stay tuned for my next diatribe on why the new Facebook feed should die. Done.